24. 04. 2016

6CD go Ireland

Artikel verfasst von  Alina Meskendahl and Maren Michl

As incredible as it sounds, we had the best weather during our one-week stay in Galway/Ireland. We had to attend a language school, where we, more or less, improved our English skills. We had fun activities in the afternoons, such as sightseeing, shopping, bowling, going to the cinema, Irish dancing, and Greyhound racing.
On Saturday we made a breathtaking tour with Tom, the funny bus-driver (he taught us many interesting things, such as the etymology of various explicit words) to the famous cliffs of Moher. In pairs we lived with host families that varied from 'scary horror' to 'please adopt me'.
In Ireland many things are different. For example - people who wait for the green light to cross the street are as rare as leprechauns. We don't think that anyone could ever have such an amazing trip to Ireland as we had, but you're very welcome to give it a try.


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